The gymnasium, the athletic track and a swimming pool are ameliorators of our synthetic living in a world distorted by WALLS. Walls, not only those made of bricks and mortar, but also those that we create within our own minds.

Nature created a world without walls. A world where a vast sky could snugly fit into two pairs of eyes and arms open wide and where one could learn a lot more from just rocks, rivers and trees. A world where music is not forced out of an i-pod, but wafts out as chirping of sparrows, rustling of dry leaves or simply as the deafening silence of expansive sands. A world where time moves slowly, but the imagination runs fast.

World Without Walls, the flagship outdoor learning program of Aravali Foundation for Education seeks to establish an enriching link between one’s limited perspective with the limitlessness and splendid grandeur of nature. It seeks top enable and empower young and curious minds (regardless of biological age) to explore and understand nature’s diversity, and in the process, develop an appreciation for fragile links that connect human wellbeing with health of earth’s unique ecosystems.

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