Camp Churdhar

Located at an altitude of 6990 feet above the mean sea level, Camp Churdhar has all that it takes for a child, or for that matter an adult, to get an glimpse of what mountains are all about. With towering Deodars overlooking the sprawling expands of the valleys below, the comfort of Camp Churdhar is surpassed only the magnificence of landscape all around.

Talking about things one can do at Camp Churdhar, the options are exhausting (well almost!). Though staring into the abyss of valleys that sprawl in the front is an enriching past time in itself, for those with bounce in their feet find trekking through the Churdhar wildlife a therapeutic experience. Visit to one of many villages that dot the vast hillsides a terraced fields and apple orchards has been described a captivating by many.

For adventure buffs’ a professionally designed obstacle course is a good venue to test one’s endurance while having fun. Serious adventure sports like rappelling and rock climbing, conducted by seasoned professionals, have helped many to test their personal limits without having to compromise their safety.

While the surroundings of Camp Churdhar offer a lot indeed, facilities within Camp Churdhar do not leave any thing unaddressed. A spacious dining hall, sports facilities (table tennis, volley ball and basket ball) come handy during idle moments (if any!). Well maintained facilities and washrooms with running hot water make this paradise even more pleasant.

Camp Churdhar is more than just a place to stay for a few days inside the forest, it is infact a memory that awaits to linger for a lifetime.

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