Camp Churdhar

Located at an altitude of 6990 feet above the mean sea level, Camp Churdhar has all that it takes for a child, or for that matter an adult, to get an glimpse of what mountains are all about. With towering Deodars overlooking the sprawling expands of the valleys below, the comfort of Camp Churdhar is surpassed only the magnificence of landscape all around. Read More

Camp Alpine

Located on the banks of river Tirthan in the eco-zone of Great Himalayan National Park near village Sairopa, District Kullu (H.P.).30 KM to the west of the Delhi-Manali Highway across river Beas, Camp Alpine is an ideal place for one to be in sync with nature and to internalize its pristine grandeur (see map for more details and directions). Read More

Camp Aravali

Camp Aravali- Area sprawling over 100 acres in charming and beautiful Aravali Ranges (part of Kukos wild life sanctuary). Here we offer unforgetful journey of wild life safari, flora and fauna, camp fire, adventure in current free lakes, festivals marked by Rajasthani dances , temple visits, palaces, abandoned fortresses. Read More

Camp Thar

Deserts cover about 1/5 of the earth’s surface, and continue to expand. Spread over an area approximately 200,000 km2, Thar poses a serious threat to the surrounding agriculturally fertile regions, particularly the flood plains of Indus and Ganga river basins. And for the Thar, even Delhi is not too far. Halting this relentless march of the sands is a daunting challenge. Read More
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